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Norky Literacy Program

What is the NORKY Literacy Program?
As you may be well aware the ability to create a Story or Message, then
write down your Story and then Presenting your words out loud to a
group helps provide self-esteem, helps develop the thought process of
Creativity & Problem Solving and the self-confidence needed for
the Qualities of Leadership. The DEVOTED TO YOUTH Foundation
piloted a NORKY literacy program that has now grown to some schools in
the Los Angeles Unified School District. Most programs happens after
school or are during the school day in conjunction with the curriculum.
Our terrific talking NORKY with a Volunteer spends time with
each group/class in elementary or middle school(s) in an underserved
community, building “Good Deeds” & “Team Work” THEME
related Storytelling until each student creates his/her own “GOOD
DEEDS” story, which then is READ aloud by the Student and performed
in Front of the Class!
How do NORKY Literacy Program Volunteers participate?
Volunteers will  help NORKY with taking Questions from the students
and working with them to improve the structure of the writing. We
help students ask the good questions that help develop a Story and we
help the Students with some wording (if needed). We then spend
time coaching one or two students on their delivery & speaking
When is the next NORKY Literacy Program?
Please e-mail us at info@DevotedToYouth.org and
we will email you some future dates and locations to see if you are
Are there any Schools you would like to suggest that could benefit
from the “Devoted To Youth” NORKY Literacy Program?
Please let us know. DEVOTED TO YOUTH is here to Help!

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