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About us

Devoted to Youth Foundation is a non‐profit 501 (c) 3 organization, whose primary goals is to help underprivileged youth and families in need. By listening to each individual, we give more than just a donation, we strive to provide opportunities, hope and the tools for for those who want a better life. 


''I started Devoted to Youth Foundation out of my own personal experiences. I have always felt the desire to help children as I was in the very similar situation as a child in need. I want to provide the youth the help and guidance that needed so badly as a kid. Even if I help one person I feel I’m on the right path!!​'' Brady G. P. Farmer

Ukraine Support Group

Our program 'Ukraine Support Group' is led by Alexandra Zhila. "Our mission is to help Ukrainian families in crisis by providing emergency clothes, food and humanitarian supplies." Immediate aid is much needed and greatly appreciated.
Since September of 2021 our program has provided help for over 200 families! We invite you to join our community of donors and sincerely thank you for your time and support! 



















Brady Farmer.                                            Mariana Panzica.                                       Alexandra Zhila.                                     

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