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Project Brazil

The Sertão located in Brazil, in the semi-arid region, it is an area of extreme poverty and social vulnerability, where almost no government projects are included, and the HDI indices are among the worst in the country: an average of 0.550 and with per capita income below ½ minimum wage.

We help serve children in an aggravating social risk situation, surrounded by physical and sexual abuse, with no educational perspective, prviding school support with, music, IT and literacy classes. Adults participate in Income Generation projects, such as creating grments and acessories, farming and plantations.

The situation in Sertão is critical. The country people are experiencing the worst water crisis in the last 30 years. The water consumed in most communities is rainwater. In many cities and towns, families are below the poverty line. No water, no work, no food. Children aged 10 are already mothers, many ‘sell’ themselves for food and clothes. Sexual abuse is part of an infamous ‘culture’. The challenges are enormous. And we want to be hope in the midst of hopelessness.

Our Foundation has partnered with local organizations and families in immediate need of help. If you can, be part of this change and make the difference in the lives of so many.


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